Melbourne, Australia

Thick Shake Leafy Straw

Our coconut palm leaf straws are 100% organic and biodegradable made out of dried palm leaves that have fallen on the ground naturally.
A great alternative to plastic/paper straws, these straws can be used in hot and cold drinks and don’t go soggy. These straws are handcrafted and rolled by using a semi-automated machine and glued with food grade, FDA approved adhesive.
Leafy straws support farmers and women’s self-help groups help the rural economies in palm-rich growing South-Asian countries.

  • 1. Single use
  • 2. 100% bio degradable & organic.
  • 3. Can be used in hot/cold drinks
  • 4. FDA approved
  • 5. No artificial coating
  • 6. Doesn’t go soggy
  • 7. Shelflife of 1 year
  • 8. Supports small farmers & women empowerment in rural areas

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